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How To French Braid Hair

New year 2012 trendy hairstyle for French Braid. How To French Braid Hair ?

1. Begin by brushing hair having a paddle brush to smooth it and take away any knots, then make use of your fingers to split up a 2-inch portion of hair out of your hairline to the crown.

2. Make use of your fingers to split the piece into three equal sections and start braiding by crossing the strand inside your right give the strand in the centre. The best strand should certainly be the center strand. Then, mix the left strand within the middle strand. The center strand should certainly be the left strand.

3. Keep your hair tight by tugging the sections from one another and contain the hair that you’ve already braided inside your left hands. Make use of your right index finger to part hair flat, just above your right ear, out of your hairline to the middle of your mind to create a new right strand.

french braid hair

french braid hair

4. Incorporate this in to the original right section and mix the whole right section within the midsection. While holding your hair that you’ve just braided inside your right hands, make use of your left index finger to flat separate exactly the same portion of hair as step three in your left side. Hold it tightly and incorporate it in to the original left section. Mix the left section within the midsection.

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 using the next portion of hair beginning just beneath your right ear, after which using the portion of hair beginning just beneath your left ear.

6. Start a traditional braid by alternating the best section within the middle, the remaining the center, and also the back within the middle, etc., until only three inches loosing.

french braiding

french braiding

7. Secure hair by having an elastic and spritz with hairspray.

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